The Committee Room, (via the library) Wellington Leisure Centre, Larkin Way, Wellington. TF1 1LX

Mondays -  7 until 8:30 pm (Intermediate)

Wednesdays -  7 until 8 pm (Beginners)

The Wakes, Oakengates, Telford , TF2 6EP

Wednesdays - 10 until 11 am (Mixed ability but suitable for beginners)

Beginners Class

Lynne’s beginner’s course will introduce you to a range of postures that gently improve flexibility and balance. As the course progresses, these postures will be repeated and combined to build stamina and strength.

Intermediate class

The intermediate class is suitable for those who have some experience of yoga and who wish to progress to more advanced poses. The advanced class includes sequences of yoga and is more demanding physically.

Each class will begin with a warm-up session to prepare the body for practising the postures. The class will end with breathing practice and relaxation. It is best to practise on an empty stomach.

Private Classes

Private classes by arrangement. Please go to the information page to contact personally.